Professional Residential HVAC Service Brings Comfort Home.

Landes Heating and Air Conditioning have offered residential HVAC solutions since 1948. Our Comfort Advisors apply years of expertise to the evaluation of your home HVAC system needs. We design HVAC solutions that meet your needs, are energy efficient and high performing. If you are ready to replace an existing system, need a new system in an older home that hasn’t had a central system before, are building a new home, or want greater functionality from your existing system, we can help.

Get Comfort From The Start With Expert HVAC Installation For New Builds.

New construction offers opportunities to design and install the ideal comfort solution for your family from the start. We custom design for effective airflow, cooling and heating, and other increasingly available technologies such as zoning, timers, and intelligent heating and cooling. We work with your contractor at the proper stages to seamlessly introduce the HVAC system into your home’s infrastructure.

We Have Our Own Fabrication Shop To Maximize Fit and Minimize Waiting.

Landes Heating and Air Conditioning runs our own sheet metal and design shop to custom fit HVAC solutions to your home. We fabricate new ducts for full systems for existing houses as well as replace retrofits using existing duct systems. The advantage of in-house fabrication is being able to custom design the right fit rather than manipulating a pre-fabricated piece to work into a system.

Custom Design And Installation Means The Right HVAC Solution In Your Home

We work with your home’s interior spaces such as attics, closets, crawl spaces, and basements to install your HVAC system in a way and place that minimizes disturbances to your home. Our Comfort Advisors are experts at designing the HVAC system that will serve your needs efficiently, quietly and with the least amount of intrusion into your interior spaces. We work to provide you with comfort you can enjoy and service you can count on. Call today for your residential HVAC needs!

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