We Customize Commercial HVAC To Keep Your Business Comfortable

Your customers and employees shouldn’t be thinking about the temperature unless that’s what you are selling. Commercial HVAC is more than comfort, it’s keeping your business operating smoothly without irritations that take away from the matters at hand. Landes Heating and Air Conditioning takes HVAC seriously so that you can go about your business uninterrupted. We work with churches, gas stations, restaurants, doctors’ offices, and office complexes, to name a few. We customize your HVAC to not only work for the physical space, but also for how you want to use the space.

Design Expertise Since 1948 Means User Satisfaction

We start with your vision for the function and flow of your commercial space. On-site evaluations and working closely with the building contractors give us insight into the right HVAC solutions for you. New technology and advanced features make finding the right comfort solution even more flexible, with many options and price points. Get exactly what you need with the excellent service and expertise you can expect from Landes.

Customization Is Made Easy With Our In-House Fabrication Shop

Time is money and we aim to work efficiently and expertly at the installation of your HVAC system. Commercial HVAC often requires multiple systems for customization within a building and our metal shop makes ductwork to fit rather than trying to fit pre-fabricated pieces into a custom shape. The final product is secure, functional, and completed in a timely manner since we don’t have to ship pieces out or wait for parts to be shipped in.

A Range Of Technological Solutions Maximize Commercial HVAC Functionality

Landes Heating and Air Conditioning installs industry-leading products for both reliability and functionality. Whether you want zoned control, timers, remote control, or specialized air filters, there are many options to customize your commercial space to match its purpose. Give us a call today for your Harrisonburg Commercial HVAC project!

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