Free Evaluations For Replacements And New Installations

Landes Heating and Air Conditioning provides free on-site estimates for HVAC replacement systems and new installations. Our technicians evaluate your property and work with you to design the HVAC system to meet your needs. We offer options for different price points and functionality. You can expect energy efficiency and top performance from our industry-leading HVAC products. For replacement systems and new installations, our estimates are always free of charge.

Comfort Advising At An Hourly Consultation Charge

When your system is not meeting your expectations, we provide consultations to find the right HVAC solution. Our consultations include on-site evaluations of existing systems to determine design flaws. We offer you a plan to restore comfort to your space, solving for design flaws such as sections of your home that do not reach the target temperature, hot or cold pockets of air, flow issues, and mismatched functionality to needs. Our Comfort Advising consultations are billed at an hourly rate. New customer diagnostic service has a set fee.

Our Service Managers Get You Started

On your initial call to our Service Center you’ll speak with a service manager who will guide you to the next step. We operate from a diagnostic rate schedule that the service manager will review with you. Each project is estimated on a case-by-case basis, with a separate charge for each component to assure that you are charged accurately for the work your HVAC system needs and not for work you don’t need.

Rest Easy With Tried And True Expertise From Landes, Comfort Craftsmen Since 1948.

Our passion for generations has been heating and cooling comfort. We offer decades of experience with highly trained technicians to handle your HVAC needs. From design consultations to resolving emergencies to regular maintenance, your comfort is as the heart of what we do. Get comfortable, call today!

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